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2024 Results & Standings - February 23, 2024

Today was Friday and the fourth performance of the 99th Tucson Rodeo. Saddle Bronc kicked off today’s performance with Clint Laye riding Beutler and Son’s Little Jet for the day’s high score of 78, which has him currently in 8th place. Riley Duvall’s Steer Wrestling time of 5.4 earned him 3rd place in the standings. Today’s best time of 7.1 in Team Roping was Payden Emmett and Jace Davis. Saddle Bronc featured Q Taylor’s high score of 80.5, placing him 9th in the standings. Blane Cox and Luke Potter both scored 9.9 in Tie Down Roping, moving them into 8th place. In Women’s Barrel Racing, Leia Pluemer had the best time today, 17.68. The afternoon ended with Bull Riding and Hudson Wright Williams riding Beutler and Son’s Bracket Buster to the day’s high score of 83, which puts him in 6th place in the standings. Tomorrow’s competition is the competitors’ last chance to earn their way into Sunday’s finals.

Tucson Rodeo performances continue tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 24th through Sunday Feb.25th. Both days are sold out!

The following are unofficial results from the 2024 Tucson Rodeo, Friday February 23, 2024.

Current Event Standings after 4th  Performance, Feb. 23, 2024:

Bareback Riding leaders:  1, Mason Clements, Spanish Fork, Utah, 89.5 on Beutler & Son’s Unleash; 2, Tanner Aus, Granite Falls, Minn., 88; 3, Dean Thompson, Alta Mont, Utah, 87; 4, Bradlee Miller, Huntsville, Texas, 82; 5, Lucas Samaniego, Riverside, Calif., 80; 6-7, Ty Fast Taypotat, Nanton, Calgary, Alberta, Jacek Lane Frost, Browns Valley, Calif., 79; 8-9, Mason Stuller, Veneta, Ore., Clint Laye, Cadogan, Calgary, Alberta, 78; 10-11, Ty Pope, Garnett, Kan., Clay Jorgenson, Watford City, N.D., 77.5.

Bareback Riding day results: 1, Clint Laye, Cadogan, Calgary, Alberta, 78 points on Beutler & Son’s Little Jet; 2-4, Shane O’Connell Rapid City, S.D., Dantan Bertsch, Ponoka, Calgary, Alberta, Colton Clemens, Blackfoot Idaho, 77; 5, Ethan Crouch, Gonzales, Texas, 72.5.

Steer Wrestling leaders:  1, Clayton Hass, Weatherford, Texas, 5.2; 2, Dalton Massey, Hermiston, Ore., 5.3; 3-5, Olin Hannum, Malad, Idaho, Walt Arnold, Coleman, Texas, Riley Duvall, Checotah, Okla., 5.4; 6, Tanner Brunner, Ramona, Kan., 5.5; 7, Stetson Jorgensen, Blackfoot, Idaho, 6.0; 8, Luke Gee, Standford, Mont., 6.3; 9-11, Payden McIntyre, Douglas, Wyo., Nick Guy, Sparta, Wis., Jace Logan, Yampa, Colo., 6.4; 11-12, Colton Swearingen, Cowlesville, N.Y., Jace Melvin, Fort Pierre, S.D., 6.5.


Steer Wrestling day results: 1, Riley Duvall, Checotah, Okla., 5.4; 2, Jason Thomas, Benton, Ark., 7.6; 3, Shayde Tree Etheron, Borden, Ind., 7.8; 4, Shane Frey, Duncan, Okla., 9.3; 5, Seth Peterson, Wellington, Colo., 14.1.

Team Roping leaders:  1, Jake Cooper Clay, Sapulpa, Okla., Trey Yates, Pueblo, Colo., 5.1; 2, Kaleb Driggers, Hoboken, Ga., Junior Nunes Nogueira, Presidente Prude, Brazil, 5.4; 3, Clint Summers, Lake City, Fla., Jake Long, Coffeyville, Kan., 5.5; 4, Casey J. Thomas, Cedar City, Utah, Wyatt Thomas, Cedar City, Utah, 5.6; 5-6, Kesley Phillips, Rough Rock, Ariz., Myles John, Indian Wells, Ariz., Andrew Ward, Edmond, Okla., Kollin VonAhn, Blanchard, Okla., 5.7; 7-9, Wawa Ben, Jr., Peridot, Ariz., Camerion Lee Tsingine, Gilbert, Ariz., Braden Pirrung, Hartford, S.D., Jr. Dees, Aurora, S.D., Cody Snow, Los Olivos, Calif., Hunter Koch, Vernon, Texas, 5.8; 10, Tee McLeod, Waldeck, Saskatchewan, Sid Sporer, Cody, Wyo., 5.9; 11-12, Hagen Peterson, Delta, Utah, Chase Tryan, Helena, Mont., Jake Smith, Broken Bow, Okla., Douglas Rich, Herrick, Ill., 6.0. 

Team Roping day results: 1, Payden Emmett, Ponca, Ark., Jace Davis, Stephenville, Texas, 7.1; 2, Levi Simpson, Ponoka, Calgary, Alberta, Logan Patrick Cullen, Courtenay, British Columbia, 10.2; 3, Bode Baize, Anthony, N.M., Pace C. Blanchard, Albuquerque, N.M., 15.4.

Saddle Bronc riding leaders:  1, Brody Cress, Hillsdale, Wyo., 86 points on Beutler & Son’s Red Wings; 2-3, Statler Ray Wright, Beaver, Utah, Bailey Small, Rock Springs, Wyo., 84.5; 4-8, Q McWhorter, Petrolia, Calif., Kole Ashbacher, Arrowwood, Calgary, Alberta, Gus Gaillard, Morse, Texas, Damian Brennan, Injune, Australia, Brody Wells, Powell, Wyo., 81.5; 9, Q Taylor, Nanton, Calgary, Alberta, 80.5; 10, Kolby Wanchuk, Sherwood Park, Calgary, Alberta, 80; 11, Walker D. Rezzonico, Florence, Colo., 79; 12-13, Lefty Holman, Visalia, Calif., Chance Jaren West, Chino Valley, Ariz., 77.5. 


Saddle Bronc riding day results: 1, Q Taylor, Nanton, Calgary, Alberta, 80.5 points on Beutler & Son’s 80.5; 2, Walker Rezzonico, Florence, Colo., 79; 3, Bryan Tyler Huey, Corona, N.M., 75; 4, Ben T. Andersen, Eckville, Calgary, Alberta, 71.5.


Tie-Down Roping leaders:  1, Tuf Case Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 8.6; 2, Quade Hiatt, Canyon, Texas, 8.9; 3, Cole Robinson, Moorcroft, Wyo., 9.2; 4, Jake Hannum, Plain City, Utah, 9.4; 5, Riley Mason Webb, Denton, Texas, 9.5; 6, Tyler Boxleitner, Loveland, Colo., 9.7; 7, Ty Harris, San Angelo, Texas, 9.8; 8-10, Blane Cox, Stephenville, Texas, Luke Potter, Maple City, Kan., Kyle Lucas, Carstairs, Calgary, Alberta, 9.9; 11, John Douch, Huntsville, Texas, 10.1; 12-13, Joseph Parsons, Marana, Ariz., Bodie Mattson, Sturgis, S.D., 10.3. 


Tie-Down Roping day results: 1-2, Luke Potter, Maple City, Kan., Blane Cox, Stephenville, Texas, 9.9; 3, James Ramirez, Churchill, Mont., 12.1; 4, Craig Leonard, Sonora, Texas, 14.0; 5, Ryan Thibodeaux, Stephenville, Texas, 15.5; 6, Cody Henderson, Alliance, Neb., 31.6.

Barrel Racing leaders:  1, Shannon Griffin, La Luz, N.M., 17.10; 2, LaTricia Duke, Zephyr, Texas, 17.16; 3-4, Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, S.D., Carlee Otero, Lipan, Texas, 17.19; 5, Loni Kay Yates, Stephenville, Texas, 17.31; 6, Jennifer Kalafatic, Caldwell, Idaho, 17.43; 7, Stevi Hillman, Weatherford, Texas, 17.47; 8, Hailey Garrison, Glen, Mont., 17.48; 9, Madison Bean, Lubbock, Texas, 17.50; 10, Emily Beisel, Weatherford, Okla., 17.51; 11-12, Molly Otto, Grand Forks, N.D., Sabrina Ketcham, Yeso, N.M., 17.53. 

Barrel Racing day results: 1, Kailee Murdock, Litchfield Park, Ariz., 17.64; 2, Leia Pluemer, Bosque Farms, N.M., 17.68; 3, Kortni McConnell, Lovington, N.M., 17.69; 4, Kailey Mitton, Mt. Sterling, Utah, 17.76; 5, Taylor Manning, Yellowhead County, Alberta, 17.78; 6, Cranna Roberts, Red Deer County, Alberta, 17.89; 7, Skyla Peters, Sublette, Kan., 18; 8, Shelley Morgan, Eustace, Texas, 18.23; 9, Amy Stoltzfus, Tonopah, Ariz., 23.26; 10, McKenna Coronado, Kanarraville, Utah, 12.27; 11, Chandra Eng, Stanfield, Ore., 27.93.

Bull Riding leaders:  1, Chase Dougherty, Canby, Ore., 88.5 points on Andrews Rodeo’s Shockazooloo; 2, Clayton Sellars, Wildwood, Fla., 86.5; 3, Marco Antonio Juarez, Anthony, N.M., 85; 4, Lukasey Morris, Union City, Okla., 84; 5, Avery Rigyn Mullins, Cave Creek, Ariz., 83.5; 6, Hudson Wright Williams, Midlothian, Texas, 83; 7-8, Matt Palmer, Claremore, Okla., Ty Pinnt, Craig, Colo., 81; 9, Luke Gee, Stanford, Mont., 79.5; 10, Taylor Toves, Stephenville, Texas, 78; 11, Bo Vocu, Ashland, Mont., 77; 12, Hunter Wayne Tate, Riverton, Kan., 74. 

Bull Riding day results: 1, Hudson Williams, Midlothian, Texas, 83 points on Beutler & Son’s Bracket Buster; 2, Taylor Toves, Ste0phenville, Texas, 78; 3, Bo Vocu, Ashland, Mont., 77.

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