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The Tucson Rodeo Committee

Jose Calderon MLP_7242.jpg

Jose Calderon

Rodeo Chairman 2023-2024

Past Chairman 2017-2019 

Vaquero Club Chair

Sam Merriman (full)-def.jpg

Sam Merriman

Vice Chair, Chairman Elect


Rodeo Chairman 2025-2026

Performance Chair

Tom Davenport MLP_7347.jpg

Tom Davenport

Board Treasurer 

Gold Buckle Chair

Past Chairman 2005-2007

Elizabeth Jordan MLP_7436.jpg

Elizabeth Jordan

Andy Moran.jpg

Andy Moran

JR Rodeo Chair 

Board of Directors

Courtney Fuller MLP_7509.jpg

Courtney Fuller

Parking Committee Co-Chair

Board of Directors

Scott Sell MLP_7322.jpg

Scott Sell

Grounds Chairman

Board of Directors

Michael Payne MLP_7350.jpg

Michael Payne

Board of Directors

Flano Flanagan MLP_7296 Copy.jpg

Flano Flanagan

Board of Directors 

Vaquero Club

Mark Baird MLP_7232.jpg

Mark Baird

Past Chairman 2020-2022 

Merchandise Chair 

 Special Events

Bill Schurg MLP_7398.jpg

Bill Schurg

Concessions Chair

Past Chairman 2011-2013

Eileen Geraghty MLP_7463.jpg

Eileen Geraghty

Debbie Barnett MLP_7395.jpg

Debbie Barnett

Money Room, Special Events

Past Chairman 2014-2016

Butch Krietemeyer MLP_7380.jpg

Butch Krietemeyer

Sponsorship Chair

Money Room, Special Events

Eldon Housley MLP_7472.jpg

Eldon Housley

Rodeo Poster

Phil Felix (full)-def.jpg

Phil Felix

Alcohol/Beverage Chair

Chad Stough (assoc)-def Copy.jpg

Chad Stough

Parking Committee,

Gold Buckle Committee

Dan Gulli MLP_7415.jpg

Dan Gulli

Audio & Video Chair

Networks and Communications

Doris Derderian (full)-def.jpg

Doris Derderian

Rodeo Program Sales Chair

Bit Devine MLP_7289.jpg

Bit Devine

Vaquero Club

Grant Fuller MLP_7516 Copy.jpg

Grant Fuller

Networks & Communications Chair

Jack Pennington MLP_7330.jpg

Jack Pennington

Joe Salazar MLP_7459.jpg

Joe Salazar

James Ranshaw MLP_7404.jpg

James Ranshaw


Ricardo Villasenor (assoc)-def.jpg

Ricardo Villasenor

Dalton Clay (assoc)-def.jpg

Dalton Clay

Melissa Moran (assoc)-def.jpg

Melissa Moran

Fran Bosley MLP_7468.jpg

Fran Bosley

Pam Neal MLP_7305.jpg

Pam Neal

Eric Cahan MLP_7320.jpg

Eric Cahan

Fernando Valencia (full)-def.jpg

Fernando Valencia

Ann Kurth.jpg

Ann Kurth

Connie Clarke MLP_7507.jpg

Connie Clarke

Fred Narcaroti MLP_7491.jpg

Fred Narcaroti

Ed Homicki MLP_7226.jpg

Ed Homicki

Earline Deck MLP_7275.jpg

Earline Deckter

Jaime Olivar MLP_7250.jpg

Jamie Olivar

Mark Dluehosh MLP_7533.jpg

Mark Dluehosh

Jane Maciulla MLP_7488.jpg

Jane Maciulla

Jeff Brown MLP_7447.jpg

Jeff Brown

Jeff Pierce (assoc)-def.jpg

Jeff Pierce

Mark Velasquez (assoc)-def.jpg

Mark Velasquez

Vic McClain MLP_7239.jpg

 Vic McClain

Victor Aranda (assoc)-def.jpg

Victor Aranda

Julie Stahl (assoc)-def.jpg

Julie Stahl

Kim Bratton MLP_7481.jpg

Laura Levin

Tammy Henrikson MLP_7285.jpg

Tammy Henrikson

Laura Wilfong MLP_7530.jpg

Laura Wilfong

Lisa Wedman (full)-def.jpg

Lisa Wedman

Mandie Dunham MLP_7501.jpg

Mandie Dunham

Michael VanWinsen (assoc)-def.jpg

Michael Vanwinsen

Mike Davis MLP_7314.jpg

Mike Davis

Mike Norton MLP_7373 Copy.jpg

Mike Norton

Walt Johnson (assoc)-def.jpg

Walt Johnson

Norm Knox MLP_7267.jpg

Norm Knox

Pete Kouratou MLP_7442.jpg

Pete Kouratou

Phil Evans (assoc)-def.jpg

Phil Evans

Shane Myers (assoc)-def.jpg

Shane Myers

Stephen Dobbertin (assoc)-def.jpg

Stephen Dobbertin

Rick Hollander MLP_7378.jpg

Rick Hollander

Ron Odell MLP_7410.jpg

Ron Odell

Secretary to the Board of Directors 

Coor's Barn Dance Chair

Rodeo Poster Chair

Special Events

Hospitality Chair

Past Chairman 1999-2001

Kim Bratton

Laura Levin MLP_7211 Levin.jpg
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